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    華煜眾信 產品展示
    Huayu Zhongxin Product display

    HRS-150-45X-ZXSemi automatic total hardness tester

    • 產品名稱: HRS-150-45X-ZXSemi automatic total hardness tester
    • 產品分類: high end hardness tester
    • 公司名稱: 萊州華煜眾信試驗儀器有限公司
    • 聯系方式: 13854577981
    • 添加時間: 16/01/16
    • 分    享:

    Product introduction:
    Can be multi point measurement, such as automatic measurement of an end quenching sample of the curve.
    Automatic sample rise (no height restriction).
    The initial test force is applied automatically, and the main force is applied automatically.
    Automatic measurement of hardness, hardness value automatic digital display.
    Touch screen interface, easy to operate, any language version.
    Boot that is used, no need to install the weight, no need to install and debug.
    Electric loading, closed loop control.
    The test force is automatically corrected, and the force precision is increased to an order of magnitude.
    Set password protection setting parameters; more samples and test information.
    Adopt modular design, easy maintenance.
    Two, the main parameters:
    Conversion ruler, Vivtorinox,
    Holding time 0-60s
    10kgf (98N), the first test of the
    Total test force 60kgf (588.4N) 100kgf (980.7N) 150kgf (1471N)
    3kgf (29.4N) of the surface of the initial test force
    Surface 15kgf (147.1N) 30kgf (294.2N) 45kgf (441.3N)
    Force error is less than 0.5%
    Hardness test range HRA:20-96, HRB:20-100,
    HRC:20-70, HRD:40-77, HRE:70-100, HRF:60-100,
    HRG:30-94, HRH:80-100, HRK:40-100, HRL:50-115, HRM:50-115, HRR:50-115
    HR15N:70-94, HR30N:42-86 and HR45N:20-77 in the surface of the surface of the test range
    HR15T:67-93, HR30T:29-82, HR45T:10-72
    Hardness measurement accuracy 0.1
    Automatic sample rise
    Sample automatic rising speed 3mm/s
    Automatic test force
    Automatic test of main force
    Sample automatic rising speed 3mm/s
    X direction movement precision 0.003mm
    X direction moving distance 100mm
    Implementation of the standard GB/T230.2 JJG112 national standard GB/T230.1 verification procedures, E18 ASTM
    Hardness read LCD display
    Statistical analysis of hardness
    Hardness testing database query
    User customized inspection report automatically generated
    Maximum height of specimen 218mm
    Pressure head center to the wall distance 200mm
    Data output U disk
    Power AC220V
    Host weight of about 70kg
    Three, standard configuration:
    Name quantity
    X axis precision motor mobile station 1 X axis precision mobile controller 1
    Brand computer 1 sets of hardness tester 1 sets of control software
    Diamond type pressure head 1 diameter 1.5875mm ball pressure head 1
    Hardness blocks (HRB, HRC, HRC, HR15N,, HR30N, HR30T) 6 large, medium and V type test stand each 1
    U disk 1 product manual, the 1 copies of the product certificate
    Automatic correction of curvature radius; automatic conversion of hardness according to GB /ASTM.
    Automatic calculation of the average value of the hardness value, standard variance, automatic alarm, automatic calculation, to generate the user customized inspection report.

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