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    HBS-3000 type digital display hardness tester

    • 產品名稱: HBS-3000 type digital display hardness tester
    • 產品分類: brinell hardness tester
    • 公司名稱: 萊州華煜眾信試驗儀器有限公司
    • 聯系方式: 13854577981
    • 添加時間: 16/01/19
    • 分    享:

    Can type digital Brinell hardness meter indentation on the instrument through the eyepiece micrometer direct measurement, and control in the LCD display shows the indentation diameter, hardness values and 17 kinds of different hardness test table and the current state of setup automatically displays the range of Brinell hardness test (HBW). On the page can also carry on the time, the brightness of the setting, while for the convenience of the user's use of the design of a F/D2 selection table. Instrument also has a RS232 serial port into the PC terminal display, print and storage capabilities.
    Function and characteristics: Digital Brinell hardness test is with a certain diameter of steel ball and to beat the test requirements by surface of the test object, the specified test time, the unloading test force, measured with a micrometer eyepiece test piece surface indentation diameter D, take two D1 and D2, and from the display directly from the hardness values can be.
    Range of application: it is mainly used for the determination of the hardness of cast iron, steel, nonferrous metal and soft alloy material, and can also be used in hard plastic, bakelite, etc. some non metal material hardness determination. Applicable to factories, workshops, laboratories, universities and scientific research institutions.
    Working conditions: the hardness test should be carried out at room temperature (23 + 5), and the surrounding environment should be clean, no vibration, no corrosive gas.
    Technical parameters: 1 test force series: 62.5, 100, 125, 187.5, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000kgf
    2 hardness test range: 8 ~ 650HBW
    3 value accuracy: standard hardness block showing the value of the maximum error indication repeatability error Hef/%
    = 125 + 3 = 3.5,
    One hundred and twenty-five
    >225 + 2 = 2.5
    4 reading microscope magnification: 20 times
    5 microdrum minimum value: 0.00125mm
    6 the maximum height of the sample: 225mm
    7 head center to the body's maximum distance: 135mm
    8 power supply voltage: AC220V
    9 outline dimension: 789*543*225mm
    10 weight: 130kg
    The attachment (packing list)
    The head: 2.5mm, 5mm, Phi Phi Phi 10mm ball indenter 1
    The test bench: flat bench, small plane test, V type test 1
    The standard hardness block: HBW/3000/10 150-250 1
    150-250 HBW/750/05 1 block

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