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    華煜眾信 產品展示
    Huayu Zhongxin Product display

    metallurgical microscope4xb

    • 產品名稱: metallurgical microscope4xb
    • 產品分類: metallurgical microscope
    • 公司名稱: 萊州華煜眾信試驗儀器有限公司
    • 聯系方式: 13854577981
    • 添加時間: 16/01/14
    • 分    享:

    The instrument is used for identification and analysis of all kinds of metal and alloy structure, widely used in factory, or a laboratory for casting quality identification, raw materials inspection or the material microstructure analysis. This instrument is an inverted metallographic microscope, because the sample is observed surface and the surface of the table, so it has nothing to do with the sample, easy to use, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
    Product features
    * the supporting area of the instrument base is larger, the bent arm is firm, the center of gravity of the instrument is lower, and the position of the instrument is stable and reliable.
    * eyepiece tube and supporting between 45 degrees tilt observation of comfort.
    technical specifications
    1 flat field eyepiece: 10X, 12.5X
    2 field diameter: 18/15 (mm)
    3 Objective: 10X, 40X, 100X (oil)
    4 numerical aperture (N.A): 0.25, 0.65, 1.25
    5 working distance (mm): 0.65 0.37 7.31
    6 total magnification: 100X-1250X
    7 mechanical cylinder length: 160mm
    8 thick micro focusing structure
    Focus range: 7mm; micro grid value: 0.002 mm
    9 mechanical working table: 70*50mm
    10 light bulbs: 6V12W bromine tungsten lamp
    Complete sets of instruments
    1 microscope main body: 1
    2 observation eyepiece tube: 1
    3.10X, 12.5X: the 1 eyepiece
    4.10X, 40X, 100X (oil) objective: each of the 1
    5 stage compression spring: 1
    6 slides of phi 10 and phi 20: 1
    7 color (yellow, blue, green, frosted): 1
    8 spare bulb 6V20W:1 only
    9: 1 bottles of cedar oil
    10 random files: 1 sets
    10X microscope, micrometer (value: 0.01mm)

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