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    華煜眾信 產品展示
    Huayu Zhongxin Product display

    p-2bMetallographic grinding machine

    • 產品名稱: p-2bMetallographic grinding machine
    • 產品分類: metallographic sample
    • 公司名稱: 萊州華煜眾信試驗儀器有限公司
    • 聯系方式: 13854577981
    • 添加時間: 16/01/14
    • 分    享:

    The product details
    P-2B metallographic grinding machine
    P-2B metallographic grinding machine is collected in many aspects of the views and requirements of the use of personnel, it has a reasonable structure, smooth transmission, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.. The machine can be used for the simultaneous operation of a variety of materials, it is an ideal equipment for polishing samples.
    - motor power: 180W
    - selling diameter: diameter of 220mm
    - speed: 1400r/min or 900r/min (custom)
    - Power: 380V, 220V, 50Hz or 50Hz (custom)
    - size: 800 x 420 x 850mm
    Main accessories: polishing fabric 2

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