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    How to install the metallographic grinding machine

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    In addition to before Xiaobian said metallographic grinding machine supplies outside, the circle of friends doubt more, it belongs to the installation of metallographic polishing machine the, we all know that installation position selection is very important, must correctly choose the installation location, in order to ensure the service life of the polishing machine, the specific the how to install right?
    First, the installation of metallographic grinding machine, as far as possible to clean the ground, so as to avoid the machine installation is not easy to clean; installation to avoid high-voltage transmission lines, to avoid interference with electronic metallographic grinding machine.
    In addition, the need to have a separate power supply, and other large power to avoid sharing, metallographic grinding machine installation requires a relatively large installation site, there is sufficient operating space is very important.
    In addition to these two points, rainy, wet, salinized area to install grinding machine can not be ordinary mud, or need to consider the ventilation and drainage, and many other issues, grinder is installed shall be installed on the air, otherwise when the wind blows, grinding machine can not be very good operation.
    Finally, the small series but also to tell you a little: first need a comprehensive analysis of the installation site of the soil pressure, water level, etc., must meet the metallographic grinding machine installation and use requirements before you can determine the installation program.
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