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    Find it! Digital readout of the whole procedure of the test procedure

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    Frank said, digital Rockwell hardness tester is the integration of mechanical and electrical hardness testing instrument, in addition to the appearance of novel, large screen show that menu structure, using computer control. Read the digital readout of the notice of the hardness tester, then let us learn it test procedures.
    The first step: the top surface of the screw and the upper and lower end face of the working table is cleaned, and the working platform is arranged on the screw table;
    The second step: try a supporting face rub net is arranged in the workbench, rotating the handwheel to work slowly rising and top pressure head, to small pointer red dot, pointer rotating ring 3 vertical to date, turn indicator shell, C, B long dividing and pointer of positive;
    The third step: pull the handle applied loading, main test force, large pointer indicator anticlockwise;
    The fourth step: when the indicating needle rotation stop can be unloaded bearing pushing back the handle and removable main test force, from indicator corresponding scale readings.
    You see, so follow the procedure to go again, is not the school's easy to do a lot of it? If you still need to contact us, we will continue to bring you good news, welcome to contact us!
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