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    Metallographic grinding machine supplies basically what type

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    Simply speaking, metallographic grinding machine is used coated, or embedded Abrasives research with grinding on the workpiece surface polishing equipment, before Xiaobian for you detailed tells the story of metallographic polishing machine classification of basic knowledge, today, let us work together to take a look at metallographic grinding machine supplies the basic types.
    1 diamond polishing materials (industrial natural and synthetic diamond powder, diamond grinding fluid (paste), polishing paste, diamond suspension;
    2 polishing cloth (with different materials and with the polishing powder, polishing paste used in a variety of polishing cloth, Pao Guangdian);
    3 cutting grinding wheel, diamond saw blade (with different sizes, diameter, thickness, hardness can be used);
    4. Inlay material (high permeability degrees crystal glue epoxy resin, acrylic powder, catalyst, curing agent, technovit 4004 cold inlaid materials);
    5 oxide polishing materials (all kinds of particle size of alumina polishing powder, polishing slurry, precision grinding powder, etc.).
    Actually in our lives in many areas, many families are using grinding machine, mainly because the metallographic grinding machine is convenient, if see the information you are considering where to buy good metallographic polishing machine, will contact us as soon as possible, we will provide you with good quality of grinding machine.
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