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    How to carry out daily inspection work

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    It is well known that digital Brinell hardness tester is mainly used for determination of the hardness of cast iron, steel, nonferrous metal and soft alloy material, Brinell hardness meter work during routine inspection to ensure the test result accuracy is very important. Digital display of how to carry out daily inspection of the hardness of the work?
    Brinell hardness tester in use will be changed due to the number of moving parts, the Brinell hardness tester's performance, such as afterburner system edge wear and tool for bearing pad loosening or displacement, boosting lever deformation caused by inaccurate test force caused by changes in the leverage ratio and control lever boosting sinking position locating piece position changes, like, for indentation measuring instruments, such as lenses or lens loosening will affect the test result accuracy. So it is very necessary to carry on the daily work of the hardness tester.
    For use in the hardness of the general plan for a day to check the work. In the inspection, the first pressure operation, the pressure to do the two indentation is mainly played the role of the pressure head in a stable state, not as a formal examination of the data. Then press impression on standard, using the standard block hardness value is the same or close to the test and the hardness of the material and with measurement and calculation of the Brinell hardness value and the standard block standard hardness values are compared and the difference between them should be less than GB/T231.2 of Brinell hardness of meter indication error requirements.
    Here, Xiaobian also tips you: if the indication error is higher than the standard, with Brinell hardness meter for direct inspection test force, pressure head and indentation measurement device, find out problems of reason.
    Xiao Bian: W


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