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    Together into the world of digital display of the hardness tester

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    When it comes to digital Rockwell hardness tester, straightforward to say is mechanical and electrical integration of hardness testing instrument, in addition to the appearance of novel, large screen display, menu structure, using computer control, hardness value with digital display, let us together into the world, carefully to understand a lot of it.
    When it comes to digital Rockwell hardness tester hardness testing, the results can be directly print output, the lifting screw and rotary wheel automatic feedback locking, external RS232 hyper terminal setting can be connected with the printer, has good reliability, operability and intuitive; otherwise, try the lifting platform outside, fully realize the automation, eliminates operator error and reading.
    In addition, but also has the Rockwell scale, plastics Rockwell scale choice (optional feature), the hardness hardness conversion functions, applicable on the determination of the hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.
    See here, you are not on it have a deeper understanding of it? Xiaobian will continue to bring you news of the freshly baked, if see the information you are considering where to go to buy excellent digital Rockwell hardness meter, may wish to contact us, to our store to buy it!
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