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    The trouble shooting method of repeated loading and unloading of the hardness tester

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     The work principle of Brinell hardness tester to a certain diameter of steel ball, under certain test force, to a certain speed pressed into the specimen surface and the required test force keep time after unloading test force. The average pressure on the surface of the spherical surface of the sample is indicated by the average pressure of the metal. But what is the reason for the repeated loading and unloading of the hardness tester? Below small make up for you to introduce the method:
    (1) switch button top rod is too long, the steering switch a and B contact with the A1, B1 contacts cannot be disengaged, adjusting top rod length and fixed.
    (2) reversing switch installed at the wrong position, movable baffle can not touch on the reversing switch pin, result in no change to the reversing switch should be adjusting reversing switch is installed.

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