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    Introduction to the characteristics of the hardness tester

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    Application of the hardness tester we should all know, on the characteristics of the hardness tester? Look at it together: 1. Permanent indentation by 3000kg test force, 10mm ball, press the indentation can accurately reflect the true hardness of cast iron, cast steel, forgings, such as coarse grain materials. Permanent indentation after testing can be repeated at any time. 2 true and accurate: in accordance with the real test of the hardness of the test, and the principle of the same type of hardness tester, is not the other portable devices have a larger distortion of the conversion value. 3 test precision: the test force calibration accuracy is 0.5% of the load, the hardness test accuracy and the same as the desktop. 4 any direction: no direction restrictions, can be used for any direction of the measurement: including the above, below, side, upside down, etc..

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