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    Different hardness tester using different methods

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    Hardness tester is to measure the hardness of the object of a kind of instrument, according to the hardness of the complexity can be classified as simple hardness meter and complex hardness measurement gauges of two, we have the following different durometer use to discuss:
    1 the hardness tester is mainly used to measure the hardness of the workpiece. The hardness of the hardness is mainly used for casting parts, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy and so on.
    2 Vivtorinox hardness is used to measure the hardness of the hardness of the workpiece Vivtorinox; Vivtorinox hardness is mainly to play a relatively thin small products, or after heat treatment of the product.
    3 Luo's hardness tester: this kind of hardness is mainly to play after heat treatment products, high hardness products, such as steel, metal materials products can be used.
    4 the hardness tester is a portable hardness tester, which is used for measuring the hardness of the product. Scale hardness is mainly to play the hardness of large products, the weight of a single product is greater than or equal to 3KG; such as: mold, etc.; the hardness of the scale of the advantages are easy to carry, mostly portable. Whether it is in the production line or the laboratory can. Unlike the desktop can not move.
    We all understand the different hardness of the use of the method? If you do not understand the problem, please continue to visit our website, we will be sincere for you to answer.

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